Dr. Jann holds a space that reaches layers past the physical, supporting the whole person, which includes the mind, emotions, and energetic state. She believes this is necessary for true transformation and that without the mind-body connection, you will only scratch the surface of true healing. In order to address the root cause, she explores this connection through breathwork, Bowen therapy, and psychosomatic homeopathic remedies. These modalities allow access to unresolved emotional roots of illness or blocks in life. She works with you to clear these "conflicts" in the body which then creates space for more energy and vitality. Activating the body's innate intelligence to heal itself is the top priority. 
She works with all kinds of people. All are welcome. If you are ready to bring more awareness to your experience and take responsibility for your health, then Dr. Jann is here to support you. She works with people who are ready to feel better, even for those who do not have health issues at all! She loves working with athletes, artists, musicians, and spiritual people, to improve their performance, and growth . She is like a Breathwork coach to some of her patients who want to expand their potential in any area of life - whether spirituality, relationships, health, etc. Breathwork sessions can bring more ease, joy, peace, creativity, and fun into life! A health concern can often kick start the desire for more.

She also loves working with babies, children, and teens. They respond very well and usually quite quickly to Bowen Therapy and her homeopathic medicines. 
There are a few aspects to go through when you become a patient. Getting to all of this may take a few visits:
1. Breath analysis - see what your breath has to say
2. Learn the breathing technique
3. Biofeedback testing for Psychosomatic Homeopathics, Detox/Drainage remedies, Basic vitamins/supplements, food sensitivites. 
4. Bowen therapy - Nervous system reset
5. Lab Tests if necessary - you will get a requisition or a kit - narrow down microorganisms, hormones, etc. 

Ryan likes working with people who have an open mind and a desire to find purpose and meaning. He supports those who want to work on themselves and their relationships, and learn how to better manage their emotions. He provides a unique perspective that can help bring clarity to life and it's challenges.