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Enjoying the Nature
Enjoying the Nature
Workshops and Training 

To support the reduction of risk with the COVID 19 pandemic, these classes will be held online through Zoom, until we receive recommendations to gather again. Register on Eventbrite to receive the link 

Learn More about Breath Classes

✨ Experience Heightened states of consciousness with the support to heal and transform ✨

Conscious Connected Breathing ~ an Active Meditation. You will be guided into the somatic experience of the body, connecting the hemispheres of the brain, and bringing in present moment awareness. The parasympathetic state occurs here, and life force energy is activated. The body's wisdom speaks. Breathwork is a powerful vibrational medicine, where we remember our true selves. This work changes lives!


  • Introduction and intentions

  • Instruction

  • Practice technique and regulation tools

  • Breath Journey

  • Closing Reflections and Questions

You will be in a laying down position on your back with pillows and blankets to be comfortable.


  • Increase oxygen, lung capacity, blood flow, and diaphragm capacity

  • Organ massage and detoxification

  • Release tension, stress, trauma, pain, and old patterns

  • Deep Healing (access parasympathetic state)

  • Open energetic channels and chakra centres

  • Clarity, Insights, Creativity, and New Perspectives

  • Elevate mood

  • Increase Body Awareness ~ enjoy your body more

  • Increase Emotional Intelligence

  • Improve Relationships - with self and others

  • Empower Your Life!


  • Water bottle

  • wear comfortable clothing

  • Yoga/breath mat or softer mat if you have back pain etc.

  • Blanket - you can get cold during the session

  • Small pillow/towel to support the neck (optional)

  • Journal (optional)

  • Eye mask/cover (optional)

  • Earbuds/headphones (optional)

  • Test internet connection and speaker

  • Zoom link - given once you register

This is a grounded and activated technique. On the spectrum of breathing practices, it is more intense than passive meditation, and less intense than Wim Hof method and Halotrophic practices. We do not forcefully evoke catharsis, but release of emotion is invited. We teach self regulation and nervous system regulation: how to expand the capacity to hold your own energy, emotion, sensation, and increase your stress threshold (that means less stress! :)

Dr. Janice Sutherland has been leading group breath classes since 2017. This somatic therapy has been life changing for her, and her patients. She is a synergist, using techniques learned through Conscious Connected Breathwork, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Bowen Therapy, Classic Tantra, Naturopathic Medicine, and Shamanic Practices. She does individual sessions at her home office in Armstrong, BC, or home visits at your location. 


  • Be guided through the landscape of your inner world, your body, mind, and spirit at a pace that you choose through the rhythm of your breath

  • Feel lots of sensations, and usually some emotions in the whole range of the human experience - you may be surprised or blown away with what arises in you - For example: aliveness, inspiration, good, joyful, empowered, excited, happy, peaceful, blissful, elated, exhilarated, nervous, scared, uncomfortable, tense

  • Learn tools to get to the other side of the fear - where all that you desire exists

  • Increase body awareness and ability to listen to the body’s wisdom

  • Learn tools to regulate your nervous system, focus and have fun with your mind, and create the right internal environment for healing and manifesting

  • Find alignment in all aspects of your being with the greater sense of oneness

  • Expand into the vastness of your consciousness, see yourself fully, experience yourself in ways you may not be able to describe

  • Connect to your intuition

  • Have an amazing, in the flow, kind of day after the session

  • Transform old patterns into ones that you choose mindfully and intentionally

  • Have more joy within yourself and the unfolding of your life

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