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Mind-Body Medicine 

This is an active meditation and vibrational Mind-Body Medicine. When the body and mind are aligned during a breath session, deep integrative healing occurs on physical, emotional and energetic levels. With this Conscious Connecting Breathing Technique, Dr. Sutherland guides you in a grounded and gentle activation of the energy stored in your cells, which could be past trauma manifesting as anxiety, depression, sleep or digestive disturbance, or more serious illnesses. Dr. Sutherland supports you in processing and clearing this energy. Sound healing, light body work, guided meditation, and counseling are often combined with Breathwork. These sessions help you rediscover how to trust yourself and heal on a cellular level.Neurotransmitter production is increased during breathwork sessions; Serotonin increases happiness and self confidence, and dopamine increases pleasure and motivation. Endorphins are also released in the body with this technique, which is the body's natural pain relief. This is a profound somatic healing tool that Dr. Sutherland uses often her practice, especially combined with counseling and trauma release. She also does group work. Check the Events section, and her FB page for details.

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