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Pure Roots Integrative Services

Through an investigative process, the root cause of blocks in health and life are found. A strategy is chosen that fits with you and your patterns. You are shown how to align with your highest healing potential and to integrate change into your life for the long term. Services below are combined for optimal effectiveness. Take the first step on this path of transformation, and get in touch with us today!

Services: Services

Somatic Breathwork Therapy

Mind-Body Medicine

This is an active meditation and vibrational Mind-Body Medicine. When the body and mind are aligned during a breath session, deep integrative healing occurs on physical, emotional and energetic levels. With this Conscious Connecting Breathing Technique, Dr. Sutherland guides you in a grounded and gentle activation of the energy stored in your cells, which could be past trauma manifesting as anxiety, depression, sleep or digestive disturbance, or more serious illnesses. Dr. Sutherland supports you in processing and clearing this energy. Sound healing, light body work, guided meditation, and counseling are often combined with Breathwork. These sessions help you rediscover how to trust yourself and heal on a cellular level.Neurotransmitter production is increased during breathwork sessions; Serotonin increases happiness and self confidence, and dopamine increases pleasure and motivation. Endorphins are also released in the body with this technique, which is the body's natural pain relief. This is a profound somatic healing tool that Dr. Sutherland uses often her practice, especially combined with counseling and trauma release. She also does group work. Check the Events section, and her FB page for details.

Meditation by the Beach

Integrative Counseling

Self Evolution

Learn to create a purely joyful life for yourself! Your sessions are tailored to work on your specific goals and needs. As you progress through natural concepts, you become more aware of the Pureness of your being, and the details of your physical life start to fall into place. This system supports the integration of life circumstances and clears old trauma stored in the body (physical / emotional / energetic) so that you can be fully present and living the life that you really want.

Swedish Massage

Bowen Therapy

Reset your Nervous System

Bowen therapy is a myo-fascial release technique that resets the nervous system. Receiving a Bowen treatment is extremely relaxing as it puts your body into parasympathetic mode very quickly. This is the state where healing occurs. The nervous system gets a reboot with Bowen therapy, and your body starts to work better as it resolves emotional, physical and energetic blockages. It is especially effective in acute and chronic pain conditions and injuries, digestive disorders, mental/emotional imbalance, infertility, and bed wetting in children. This modality is one of Dr. Sutherland's favorites because it uses the body's innate wisdom to heal! It is very gentle and very effective.

Raw Vegetables

Nutritional Counselling

Nourish Your Body

The Nutritional Counseling program supports patients as they learn to use food as medicine. Whether you have digestive issues, a chronic disease, or want to loose weight, nutritional counseling will help move you in the right direction. Pure Roots plans are easy to follow and integrate into your lifestyle.



Supplements that work

With the environmental conditions of our soils, air, food production practices, and lifestyles, sometimes supplements are necessary to balance excess or deficiency in the organs and cells of the body. Dr. Sutherland's supplement protocols are easy to follow, and will help support optimal health, and prevent oxidation and disease. Her dispensary is full of professional tried, tested and true supplements that are effectively absorbed and utilized in the body.


Herbal Medicine

Botanical Synergy

Herbal medicine has been used as a healing modality long before western medicine. The research on botanicals has been extensive especially in the last 15 years as regulations in Canada have become more thorough. This means safer and more effective herbals are available for treatment of many conditions. Herbs can be safely combined with pharmaceuticals when the research and interactions are checked by a Naturopathic Doctor.



Manual Muscle Therapy

Body work can relieve tension in the body which then relieves tension in the mind. Gentle mobilization combined with soft tissue work and breathing  is a simple and very effective way to get the body back in alignment and feeling good!


Homeopathic Medicine

Energetic Healing

Homeopathic Medicine is a vibrational healing modality that aligns with your specific condition and your unique pattern of expression. This therapy is very safe and effective, especially for babies and children, who are receptive to energetic medicine and can not always take other herbals or neutraceuticals.

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

Laboratory Testing

Accurate Analysis

Some symptoms require scientific testing to narrow down what is the right course of action in treatment.  Dr. Sutherland often does lab testing for food sensitivities, hormone imbalances, sleep and stress disturbances, digestive dysfunction, and blood sugar irregularities. Clear analysis helps to design effective and efficient treatment plans.

Meditation Class

Workshops and Group Sessions


Dr. Jann is a group breathwork facilitator and speaker on topics of health and transformation. She holds group breathwork classes, events, retreats, and facilitator training. Dr. Jan will help raise the vibration and connection at your personal or work events with inspiring, heart opening activities. Group breathwork sessions evoke the aliveness and inspiration. She does birthdays, weddings, celebrations of any kind, as well as supporting families / communities working through difficult processes. She tailors the vibe according to the event or gathering. She is very sensitive to the needs of everyone and the intentions of the group.

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